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    PANORAMA Sliding System
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    New production capacities with improved business system
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    Modern and stylish design in combination with quality
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Here you can download the current catalog of products Talisman Ltd.


Talisman - product groups

Years of experience in manufacturing, original technical solutions, distinctive modern design and the application of modern production methods generated its own human and material resources have enabled quality base for a diverse range of high-performance products.

Alu-wood windows

TAD-97 | TAD - 117 - systems.
Thermal-bridge 34 and 54 mm

Transparent facade systems

TF-50K | TV2-48 | TVM60F | T48 | TSKT
dome - mounted from inside - spider

ventilated facades

HTPV | T48 | GLASS | TNF03
ventilated facades

Facad windows

TON-4 | TMS | FOM |
facade window - domeer-window

door with thermal break

S67 | S60
Stained glass windows and doors


TS95 | TS75P | TS65
Glass windows


    Over 20 years of experience
    "Talisman" - Ukrainian engineering company developing aluminum profile systems for construction application .. We are proud of the status of domestic producers are doing everything we can for Ukrainian products meet the highest standards, not only Ukrainian, but also European construction market. Our activity - aluminum profile in all its diversity. It's not only the sale of aluminum profiles and components for the production of aluminum structures, but also new design developments. Our design office is developing a new aluminum profile systems and improving existing ones for us and for our partners. Our product range has several product lines.
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    Unique development, which have no analogues on the market:
    TVM60F - translucent aluminum facades with the possibility of installation inside the room TNF-03 - ventilated facades rapid installation and increased load-carrying capacity TVR-1.2 - ventilation grilles Extra Load TBP - 3, 4P, 5 - sun system (all season shading systems for car parks, building facades, masking the technical platforms and openings) TMS - skylights (smoke hatches)
    Approves oneself classic aluminum profile systems for high-rise construction of big significant objects of any purpose: TF50K - facade dome-mullion-transom system T48F - facade system with high thermal insulation and guaranteed protection from moisture S60, S67 - warm system, type "windows and doors, stained glass windows" TON-4 - facade windows opening out to the friction shears NVF - ventilated facades, purpose - insulation and facing granite facade, composite tapes and other materials TSC-255 - a classical system of sun protection "the airplane wing" D40 - interior aluminum doors and office partitions large format TP-38 - the system of internal "office" partition with filling in one or two layers of glass TCH - glass partitions
    System of mass consumption - demand systems allow cost-effectively implement the majority of the objects the usual level of difficulty:
    TV2-48 - facade and stained glass system TS65, TS75, TS95 - warm aluminum windows and doors for buildings of any purpose - from the ordinary and to buildings with special requirements for thermal insulation TPV-360 - interior doors, partitions, folding and sliding windows, balconies, loggias We value our customers and try to simplify the work with us. Our customers include additional services: consult our experts on the optimal selection of systems and solutions for a specific object available free of charge to our customers has Computational program TalSoft, allowing not only to calculate the price, but also to optimize the cutting, give the task to the shop, export the data in AutoCAD and more materials handling customers on our equipment available accessories and equipment for the manufacture of structures of our systems Aluminum windows, aluminum facades, ventilated facades, conservatories, glass domes, office partitions, sun sistem and other products made ​​from our aluminum profile will serve reliably for decades.

Placement Products

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